虚構と欺瞞の世界に生きる Living in the world of fakery and hypocrisy

全ての道はイエズス会に通ず All Roads Lead to the Jesuits





Jane Doe 2 (ななしさん その2)の証言:

私たちは子供時代に一度きりの機会を与えられます。発達する機会が1回だけあり、人生の方向を見つける機会が1度だけあります。 ジェフリー・エプスタインは機会あるごとに、私からそれを奪い、否定しました。




私はこの出来事について記録し、テキサスレイプクライシスセンター宛に、この - 今私がジェフリー・エプスタインとして知っている - 男について手紙を書きました。
彼の行為は、私 - 若い少女を下方スパイラルに陥らせ、ついに私は銃を買って、人里離れた場所まで車で行き、自分の苦しみを終わらせようとするに至りました。

we only have one opportunity at childhood

the one opportunity to develop

one opportunity to find direction for our lives

Jeffrey Epstein robbed and denied me at each opportunity he had

I came from a small Texas town not far from the New Mexico border

my mother died when I was 11 after suffering from cancer for many years

my father was devastated as where my siblings and I

my father was saddled with debt my only hope for college was to get a scholarship when I was 15

I was a blossoming freshman in high school and I was trying to carry on my mother's dream she wanted me to master violin

after school I'd often go to the mall in a nearby city

lady approached me and saw I had a violin case with me and asked if I was any good

we talked about the violin my family and why I had clothes that look like hand-me-downs

the lady told me she works for a very rich man who had a close home close by and that he would pay to hear me play

I was told that if I could get away she would arrange for transportation to and from his place and have me back before anyone knew I was gone

after some hesitation I agreed.

This decision was the beginning of the end of my childhood

The man who only identified himself as J or Jeff had asked if I could give him would shoulder massage and over for visits eventually progressed to forced oral copulation

the money he gave me further placed my young soul into a perverse sense of hell

I was so utterly disgusted with myself and what he did to me that I stopped going to see him

I had documented the events with a Texas write rape crisis center about the man I now know as Jeffrey Epstein

Epstein targeted and took advantage of me a young girl whose mother had recently died a horrific death and whose family structure had deteriorated

his actions placed me a young girl into a downward spiral to the point where I purchased a gun and drove myself to an isolated place to end my suffering

a voice that could only have been from my mother told me quote I am NOT the victim I am the victor and I dare not pull the trigger

I returned the gun days later

Epstein is a coward he lived his life leeching off the souls of inspiring young girls due to the fact that he could never know how it feels inspired how it feels inspired to live like a leech

once Epstein had his feel fill he would unlatch and seek out another victim the only sense of justice I had hope to see was Epstein being sentenced

however Epstein died as he lived taking the easy way out without any responsibility